There are more and more professionals are  considering to take up employment or an assignment in another country and  moving together with their  families. There are many additional factors, that need to be considered, which make certain destinations more or less attractive options. Therefore, we have compiled four country ideas from 2 continents, that have particularly interesting aspects for families to consider when moving.


The Netherlands

Expats are positive about some aspects of life in the Netherlands. The country came in 13th place in the Working Abroad Index, with 83 percent of expats praising the state of the local economy and 68 percent feeling positive about their job security and work-life balance. Responders were particularly pleased with the local transportation infrastructure, and 87 percent spoke positively about the availability of government services online.

While many expats reported that they had found it difficult to settle in and make friends in the Netherlands, the language barrier does appear to be an issue, as 80 percent of respondents find it easy to live in the country without speaking Dutch.

The Netherlands is not a big country, but for this reason travelling to countries such as Germany, France, Belgium and the UK is rarely a long journey. Having a long-term residence permit in the Netherlands allows families to travel within the Schengen area as tourists for up to 90 days per 180 days, without needing to obtain any additional visas. Coupled with the excellent European transport network, city breaks and cultural experiences within Europe make for the perfect family adventures.

These days many happy families rely on the partners being able to work in the country of destination and have their own career development. In the Netherlands, as the spouse of an expat, you are entitled to take up any employment, if you wish to.


South Africa

Comparing to another African country, South Africa must be mentioned due to advanced policies and laws for different family dynamics. In terms of the immigration requirements, permanent life partnerships as well as same-sex marriage is recently recognised and protected by the Constitution in daily (family) life and community.

Besides this, South Africa is incredibly diverse and open nation, will provide children and their parents a great real-life education in diversity, tolerance and acceptance of different cultures, setting them out for successful lives as the global citizens they already are or will likely grow up to be.



Germany commonly features in survey results for the most live-able countries with families, such as those compiled by Forbes (based on OECD data) and Inter Nations. Some key benefits to consider when moving to Germany as an expat are the  educational opportunities for the children. The public school system is on a high standard, increasingly includes options for English-speakers to learn German, be able to easy integrate into the system and are free of charge.

For older children, who decide to pursue education at the German university, it is good to know that the most of universities charge only minimal study fees around 600 Euros, even for the foreign students.



Kenya’s enhanced economic growth in recent years has been driven by a growing commercial relationship with India and China; increased investment into the country’s agriculture, tourism and manufacturing sectors; the growth of the ICT sector; and the establishment of East Africa regional headquarters in Nairobi by large multi-national corporations – particularly in the financial services sector.

They key aspect must be the stunning landscapes and accessibility of nature and wildlife. Kenya is home to the world famous annual migration of the wildebeest across the great plains of the Masai Mara. Spending time in a country like Kenya provides children with the wonderful opportunity to make unique experiences.


There are numerous schooling options for expatriate children in Nairobi – ranging from Private Schools to International Schools. The schools in the city cover wide-ranging curricula, from American International to British International, Dutch, French, GEMS, German.

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